The Narativ Team

narativ co-founder and director murray nossel

Murray Nossel, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Director, Narativ | Founder, World Mother Storytelling

paul browde co-founder narativ

Dr. Paul Browde

Co-founder | Lead Trainer: Medical and Health

Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ

Jerome Deroy

Chief Executive Officer | Lead Trainer: Sales and Training

sasha dorje meyerowitz narativ chief operating officer

Sasha Dorje Meyerowitz

Chief Operating Officer

dan milne co-director narativ london

DaN Milne

Narativ London Director and Lead Trainer

Jane Nash

Narativ London Director and Lead Trainer

Benaifer Bhadha Lead Trainer Education and Non profit

Benaifer Bhadha

Lead Trainer: Education and

jullienne ryan hr consultant at narativ

Julienne B. Ryan

HR Consultant

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caroline nobo sarnoff