All our work draws on the principles and practices of the Narativ Method

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Virtual Workshops

Our business storytelling workshops are designed for teams large and small. We tailor our method for your specific goals, whether to provide basic storytelling training or focus more specifically on an outcome like a lively team building event or non-profit storytelling.

  • Learn the fundamentals of our listening and storytelling method
  • Sales: Personalize and Differentiate Your Product or Service
  • Team-building: create connection and increase collaboration
  • Seize the Narrative: Storytelling for Advocacy


Our programs are longer term in-depth applications of the power of storytelling to larger organizational goals.


Great stories are always remembered. We teach leaders how to excavate, craft, and present stories that not only touch hearts and minds but move the needle on their specific strategy or mission.

“Narativ’s unique approach to improving communication through the age-old art of storytelling provided new tools and techniques we could put to work immediately. We got what we asked for and a whole lot more.”

—Russell Charlton, VP, Internal Audit Global Team, Time Warner

Turn your employees into storytellers capable of transforming your organization!

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