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Listen in on real-world stories about leveraging listening and storytelling to become a better leader and management professional.

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Leadership Story Talks is a podcast hosted by Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ, and Julienne Ryan, business author, communication and HR specialist, and frequent Narativ training contributor.

In each episode, Jerome and Jules discuss the practices that engage, motivate, develop, retain, and attract people to businesses, whether these are your customers or your employees. Their principles and tools are based on real world stories that leverage listening and storytelling to become a better leader and management professional.


with Jerome Deroy and Julienne Ryan

Pay Attention to The Tension

In this episode, we explore the line between comfort and discomfort. Tension and ease.  When do we need to stretch ourselves and put ourselves in…

Listen Courageously with Juliana Tafur

“All it takes is one person’s recognition of the other person’s suffering, humanity and value for the other person to go ‘you see me, you…

What it Means to be a Man

How do stereotypes affect leadership? How can we empower people, and men in particular, to question those stereotypes, take control of their identity and be…

Alexandre Seiler | Global People Leader

“People want choice, optionality, and flexibility. They don’t want to be told what to do.”  In this episode, Julienne and Jerome sit down with Alex…

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