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Listen in on real-world stories about leveraging listening and storytelling to become a better leader and management professional.

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Training Consultant / HR Specialist

Leadership Story Talks is a podcast hosted by Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ, and Julienne Ryan, business author, communication and HR specialist, and frequent Narativ training contributor.

In each episode, Jerome and Jules discuss the practices that engage, motivate, develop, retain, and attract people to businesses, whether these are your customers or your employees. Their principles and tools are based on real world stories that leverage listening and storytelling to become a better leader and management professional.


with Jerome Deroy and Julienne Ryan

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“How do we get employers to say that their workers are not risks to be managed but humans worthy of investment and dignity? That is…

Creating Human Connection in Healthcare & Beyond with Derek McCracken

“Every conversation is a fresh performance. And even though we have skill sets we’re bringing forward, that person is listening to this for the first…

Setting Intentions

“What is your story right now? What’s your story going to be for this year and beyond? January is always that month when you have…

How to Access Authenticity with Hava Horowitz

“I’m thinking of authenticity on a moment-to-moment basis, in a threefold way: one, can I locate what feels true for me in this moment? This…