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Listen in on real-world stories about leveraging listening and storytelling to become a better leader and management professional.



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Leadership Story Talks is a podcast hosted by Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ, and Julienne Ryan, business author, communication and HR specialist, and frequent Narativ training contributor.

In each episode, Jerome and Jules discuss the practices that engage, motivate, develop, retain, and attract people to businesses, whether these are your customers or your employees. Their principles and tools are based on real world stories that leverage listening and storytelling to become a better leader and management professional.


with Jerome Deroy and Julienne Ryan

Differentiate yourself through storytelling

In this episode, we discuss the current market conditions, and mixed messages headlines are giving us. Especially for people in tech, there’s a lot of…

Storytelling in Healthcare

Julienne and Jerome discuss healthcare and how storytelling can improve dialogue between patients and doctors. What they uncover in this episode is the importance of…

From Athlete to CEO with Niall Dunne

Julienne and Jerome speak to Niall Dunne, CEO of Polymateria, a company that is working on solving the enormous, worldwide problem of plastic pollutants. You’ll…

Building A Better World of Work with Craig Forman

Julienne and Jerome were excited to discuss the science of people with Craig Forman, from Culture Amp, a company that is dedicated to improving employee…

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