Storytelling for Teambuilding

Establish long term trust quickly. Build a team that lasts.

STORYTELLING for Teambuilding
Cultivate a Culture that Thrives

Cultivate a Culture that Thrives—with Storytelling

If the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, then connection is the glue that renders a team unbreakable. Stories dimensionalize people beyond their roles and titles, establishing trust, transparency, and a willingness to go the extra mile for the good of the team.

Why Story? Why Now?


Stories are tangible, emotional, and easy to recollect and apply.

Humanizing Effect

Stories are about people, what they do, why they do it, and how their role relates to others.


Stories build trust and ownership and create transparency.

What Our Customers Are Saying

…about integrating storytelling into their teambuilding approach:

“The Narativ method helped our team grow closer together by learning how to better listen to each other’s stories.”

"Narativ delivered the most inspiring training we’ve ever had, impacting each of our staff from offices around the world.”

“Narativ’s program renewed our members’ belief in the company and rallied everyone around a strong set of core values.”

“Two years later, our staff continues to draw their motivation from Narativ’s program to exceed their performance goals.

Narativ’s Storytelling for Teambuilding Program


For over 20 years, our storytelling method has proven effective for teambuilding development across Fortune 500 companies, startups, large foundations and educational organizations alike.

We recognize that nurturing the growth and development of the people who make up your organization is tantamount to their productivity and loyalty. The Narativ training method is rooted in interactive group activities where participants excavate and share personal stories that create new bonds and increase a sense of shared values and mission.

Our methodology is unique in that it stresses the reciprocal relationship between storytelling and listening. The delicate balance of these two actions lay a foundation where concrete reality and abstract concepts coexist, creating a simple and powerful arc that everyone can understand and act on.

Story Fosters Teambuilding


Create an open, safe, and inviting listening environment.

Develop story

Teach principles that empower everyone to be a storyteller.

Scales mentorship

Refresh old connections and create new bonds among your team.

Brings key ideas

Foster innovation by providing tools to less vocal team members.


Value the humanity of each employee.

Juliana Abakah from Unicef

Teambuilding Client Profile:
Juliana Abakah, UNICEF

jerome deroy narativ ceo

Turn your employees into storytellers capable of transforming your organization!

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