We’re listeners and ethnographers

At Narativ we explore the application of storytelling in our webinars and surveys. We document that application in profiles and case stories. We welcome you to enjoy them and please let us know what you think at [email protected]




“When you’re building a relationship, the story is the best tool.”

—Shruti, consulting project manager, unicerf

More About Us

Founder Murray Nossel, Ph.D.

Murray Nossel, Narativ’s co-founder, believes that each of us have a story and the ability to tell it. It’s his confidence in us that forms the basis of his executive coaching and keynotes. For over 20 years he has been “listening” stories out of leaders and groups to support strategic goals and community engagement.

About the
Narativ Team

Narativ’s trainers hail from various backgrounds, such as business, theater, psychology, filmmaking, and human resources. What unites them is a commitment to listening as the basis of all good communication, especially storytelling. If you’re needing someone to lend an ear to the story of your venture, they offer the best kind of listening.

Our Proprietary Method

The Narativ Method has at its core a single principle: the reciprocal relationship of listening and telling. Listening shapes telling; telling shapes listening. Simple yet profound when put into practice, this idea can change your storytelling, yes, but also your meetings, keynotes, and the culture of your organization.

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