Our Why and Our Values

It all begins with listening

A group of people embodying our values sitting in chairs in a room.

Our Why

Since we always begin our engagement with clients by asking the question Why Story? Why Now?, we knew it was important to have clarity around our own “Why?” as an organization. For our clients, this question brings a sense of urgency, and helps focus on what stories are most needed and for whom. For Narativ, asking this question of ourselves helped us crystalize our purpose, which is:

To transform how people engage with their work.

How do we do this?

By applying the listening and storytelling method to programs that create ownership, empower, and engage external and internal stakeholders.

What do our programs focus on?

We apply the Narativ method to leadership development, sales, team building, onboarding, advocacy, and coaching.

Our Values

We listen

Listening is the very core of what we do because we believe the information each person’s story conveys is relevant to the healthy function of an organization. In addition, listening engenders an open mind that can “hear outside the box.” Catch stories that aren’t being told but need to be. These are the stories that have the most power to transform.

We learn from our clients

Although we have 20 years of expertise in listening for the best story material—and in understanding how storytelling is a critical social function in any organization—we prioritize our clients’ knowledge as the bedrock of any engagement. We want to know and understand. We reflect back what we hear to ensure we are on the same page. (We employ this ethos continuously within our own company.)

We provide expertise

We pride ourselves on our expertise as storytellers, ethnographers, and communicators. But, those skills are only valuable in as much as they serve our clients’ organizational goals.

We give voice

The organizations that courageously create a dedicated time and space for listening and storytelling demonstrate that they value all of their employees’ voices, their knowledge and contributions. They authentically believe that every voice matters and that every employee has the potential to transform their organization.

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Turn your employees into storytellers capable of transforming your organization!