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Hear directly from our clients about their experience working with Narativ.

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Caroline Nobo Sarnoff, Measures for Justice

Caroline Sarnoff is the former Director of Outreach at Measures for Justice, a nonprofit research organization in Rochester, New York dedicated to data-driven assessments of the criminal justice system. She hired Narativ to create a training for new employees.


Matt Bahl, Prudential

Matthew Bahl, Vice President of Financial Wellness Customer Strategies at Prudential, told a personal story about his father at the Inclusive Markets Summit on Financial Wellness. He felt his father’s life story illustrated well the precariousness of many American’s retirement finances, which was a focus of the Summit.

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Juliana Abakah, Unicef

Juliana Abakah is a public partnerships officer with UNICEF. She participated in a Narativ storytelling workshop in January
2019 with other team members: Letizia Dall’Asin, Maria Jain, Amanda Gunton, who you’ll also hear from in this profile. Juliana and her team learned that storytelling can humanize how colleagues perceive each other, which leads to better, more efficient (and respectful) working relationships and collaboration.


Craig English, Ingo Money

Craig English is Vice President of Business Solutions at Ingo Money, a software company specializing in digital money movement. He and his colleagues participated in a Narativ storytelling workshop to build better connections with their products and services.

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a drawing of a woman with blonde hair.


Lydia Inboden, Ingo Money

Now Head of Card Programs at Q2 Open, Lydia participated in a Narativ training while at Ingo Money. As this profile reveals, Lydia sees storytelling as a useful tool to build trust in the sales process. Once that trust is established, the sales cycle can move along at a swifter pace.


Craig Kostelic, Condé Nast

Craig Kostelic, Chief Business Officer of US Advertising and Revenue at Condé Nast, has always been a team player, ever since his high school football days. He parlayed a very personal story from that time into a lesson about vulnerability, honesty, and empathy, which he used to guide his teams forward during a period of dramatic change at Condé Nast. Narativ co-founder Murray Nossel, Ph.D., goes into depth with Craig in this interview about storytelling and its application in business.

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