Storytelling for Leadership

Engage with purpose. Activate your vision.

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Bring Your Values, Vision and Ideas to Life.

Leadership shapes the growth, culture and longevity of an organization. As a leader, you aim to motivate, guide and inspire your team—and storytelling can facilitate this. Leaders who are personally invested in the values, mission and vision they express through their story, captivate their audience through empathy and connection. It’s the difference between dictating and relating—and it has everything to do with employee engagement and retention.

Why Story? Why Now?


Stories are tangible, emotional, and easy to recollect and apply.

Humanizing Effect

Stories are about people, what they do, why they do it, and what they’ve learned on the job.


Stories build trust and ownership and create transparency.

What Our Customers Are Saying

…about integrating storytelling into their leadership approach:

“As leaders, the personal stories that we have in our own lives help inform why we do the work we do. The workshop led to one of the best speaking experiences I've ever had.”

"Storytelling can enhance working relationships by removing preconceptions or misunderstandings. Like storytelling, listening is an art that takes practice.”

“I learned that stories lead to empathy, which I think is the ultimate gateway for people to work together collaboratively.”

“It builds relationships and supports teamwork.”

Narativ’s Storytelling for Leadership Program

For over 20 years, our storytelling method has proven effective for leadership development across Fortune 500 companies, startups, large foundations and educational organizations alike. We recognize that storytelling for leaders offers a way of making strategy, mission and vision both human and relatable. The result is a team that knows why their role is key to the success of the enterprise’s mission, and they’ll go the extra mile to get there.

Our methodology is unique in that it stresses the reciprocal relationship between storytelling and listening. The delicate balance of these two actions lay a foundation where concrete reality and abstract concepts coexist, creating a simple and powerful arc that everyone can understand and act on.

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Story Enhances Leadership

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Bring your values, vision, and ideas to life.

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Connect personally and emotionally with your audiences.

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Increased confidence in how you present.

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Develop a story that allows you to lead with empathy.

A heartfelt storytelling for leadership.

Leverage vulnerability as a leadership quality that inspires.

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Leadership Client Profile:
Craig Kostelic, Conde Nast

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Turn your employees into storytellers capable of transforming your organization!