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Businesses are searching for a repeatable model to create connection and improve communication inside their companies and with their customers. For 25 years, our method of listening and storytelling in business has had a proven, measurable, and transformative effect on teams, culture, and individuals. We provide tools and develop competencies that have broad application in business storytelling. Capture and share mission-critical knowledge, improve listening skills to break down barriers between co-workers, increase cross-team collaboration, and tell powerful, memorable stories inside and out of your company.

We turn your employees into storytellers who share the spirit of your venture. Visit us at our offices in New York and London.

Train your employees in listening and storytelling


Train new hires with stories from their peers. An innovative story-based training solution.

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Content Creation

Storytelling is a business competency that enhances creativity throughout your content generation workflow.

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Team Building

Storytelling brings teams together through the empathic power of listening and storytelling.

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Turn your employees into storytellers who can transform your organization!

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Learn Storytelling Online

Next Storytelling in Business Webinar

Origin Story
Begins March 7, 2018

Learn the fundamentals of storytelling in four modules and create a four-minute origin story for use in pitches, identity, presentations or content-creation. Murray Nossel, Ph.D., founder and director of Narativ, leads you on a personal journey that will transform your understanding of storytelling.

Storytelling for Onboarding Webinar. March 5th, 2018. 1 pm ET.

In our Storytelling for Onboarding webinar, Narativ’s CEO, Jerome Deroy, talks with special guest Caroline Sarnoff, Director of Outreach at Measures for Justice, about a story-based onboarding program that we created for this disruptive data-science company.


birchbox logoI am a big believer in Murray and the work he and his team do at Narativ. Their message is simple and yet profound, and their methods are effective long after they leave the room. Nothing is better when you are building management and org-structures of the future, than simple, comprehensible principles that allow communication to flourish.

Katia Beauchamp

CEO, Birchbox

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