Personal Storytelling for Business

We help companies activate behavioral change from the inside out

The human brain is hard wired for story. Scientific studies show us that we remember stories more than data, statistics, and numbers.

At Narativ, we help you leverage the power of storytelling with our business storytelling training programs, one-on-one coaching, and virtual workshops for sales, team building, leadership development and onboarding.

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Transform Business Communication

Sales person telling stories


Enable your sales team to develop and deliver messages that land deals.

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Equip yourself with the ability to inspire your team and gain traction with stakeholders.

New client experiences role clarity


Transform your onboarding process into an interactive and action-driven experience.

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Facilitate connection amongst your team members, virtually or in-person.


Leading with Story: 3-Part Workshop Series

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Uncover your unique set of values, vision, and purpose to create a high-impact leadership story.

matt bahl vice president prudential

Matthew Bahl

Vice President, Workplace Solutions Group, Prudential

"As leaders, the personal stories that we have in our own lives help inform why we do the work we do. The workshop led me to one of the best speaking experiences I've ever had."

matt bahl vice president prudential
caroline nobo sarnoff

Caroline Nobo Sarnoff

Former Director of Outreach, Measures for Justice

"Narativ's training shapes the role for our new team members. Then once they go on the road, they have some of my knowledge in their brain."

caroline nobo sarnoff
Illustration of Juliana Abakah

Juliana Abakah

Public Partnerships Officer, UNICEF

"Storytelling can enhance working relationships by removing preconceptions or misunderstandings. Like storytelling, listening is an art that takes practice."

Illustration of Juliana Abakah
craig english

Craig English

Vice President of Business Solutions, Ingo Money

"When you're building a relationship, the story is the best tool. Since working with Narativ, I now use stories to differentiate myself from the 'typical sales guy'."

craig english
lydia inboden head of card programs at Q2 open

Lydia Inboden

Head of Card Programs, Q2 Open

"Storytelling bridges a gap in a historically automated process. I learned that you have to listen so that your story can evolve in a way that relates to what your hearing."

lydia inboden head of card programs at Q2 open
Craig Kostelic, Chief Business Officer, US Advertising Revenue and Head of Global Advertising Solutions

Craig Kostelic

Chief Business Officer of US Advertising and Revenue, Condè Nast

"I learned that stories lead to empathy, which I think is the ultimate gateway for people to work together collaboratively."

Craig Kostelic, Chief Business Officer, US Advertising Revenue and Head of Global Advertising Solutions

The Essential Guide to Selling by Telling Your Touchstone Story

Learn how to create your personal Touchstone Story, build trust and relate to potential customers and their pain points by sharing your own.


Our Process and How it Works

The Narativ Method

The Narativ method consists of three stages: excavate, craft and present. Our training begins with the question, “Why story? Why now?” as the entree into the excavation process that enables you and your team to take a deeper look at your audience, your listening skills and how to identify obstacles to listening.

Why is listening so important to storytelling?

At the very heart of it all is a principle known as the reciprocal relationship of listening and telling. How we listen affects how a story is told. Conversely, how a story is told impacts and changes our listening. This is the principle that differentiates the Narativ Method from other storytelling techniques.

Narativ cycle: Excavate, Craft, Present
jerome deroy narativ ceo

Turn your employees into storytellers capable of transforming your organization!

Leading with Story: 3-Part Workshop Series