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When it comes to telling stories in a business context, not much changes in terms of storytelling itself. Its imagistic power stirs emotions and creates understanding. Audiences leave with an indelible impression of your message. But, it’s imperative to connect stories to strategic goals. We call this the Lion’s Gaze.

The Lion's gaze

When you throw a ball to a dog, it chases the ball. When you throw a ball to a lion, it keeps it gaze on you. Similarly, storytellers keep their gaze on building connection with their audience. Our methodology focuses on personal stories as the best for creating connection. As consultants, our gaze rests on your business outcomes and how storytelling supports and bolsters them.

Personal Storytelling

In our work, we understand that personal stories form the building blocks of larger narratives within a company. A fabric of personal stories is a socially transformative force. Unearthing, crafting, and delivering personal narratives—whether in an CEO’s speech to C-suite Executives or on a sales team—begins with listening, followed by the story development process.  We help you to identify the stories most relevant to your goals and weave them together for consistency in your messaging.

We understand business storytelling as:

• a decision to handle knowledge in a unique way

• a process for achieving communication goals using that knowledge

• a creative act involving an exploration of employees’ experiences as they relate to your goals

• a social “play” in which all the players undergo transformation and deepen connection

• and finally, an adventuresome undertaking in business, where a little risk brings great rewards


Storytelling always requires discovery (or ‘needs assessment’), excavation (or knowledge gathered as experiences), crafting (application of our methodology), and presentation (live on stage, at presentations or meetings, or via digital delivery).

Workshops and coaching form the backbone of our deliverables. They can be delivered on site or via Zoom, and range in size from 12 people to 200. We provide follow-up coaching where the engagement requires. Depending on your needs, the modes of delivery and extent of continued training can be customized.

Sales and Team-Building WORKSHOPS and coaching

We focus our workshops on three key areas in business. Find out more in these one-sheets.


Coaching is personalized storytelling crafted by Narativ’s expert listeners/trainers.

Sales Training

Connect personally to products and services—and influence your clients.

Team Buildilng

Strengthen your company’s culture in workshops that connect employees to one another and to your mission.

Turn your employees into storytellers capable of transforming your organization!

Storytelling is everywhere.

Virtual training is anywhere.

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