The Essential Guide to Selling by Telling Your Touchstone Story

In our fast-paced, digital world sometimes the best way to stand out in sales is to slow down and connect. Genuine connection facilitates an openness to trust, which leads to consistent sales.

Storytelling is key to building this all-important trust. Sales reps who learn to tell rather than sell have a critical tool for creating connections with their prospects. When you develop a personal Touchstone Story to share, you can leave formulaic scripts behind, meet potential customers where they are and relate to their pain points by sharing your own.

the essential guide to selling by telling your touchtone story.
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Download this essential guide to learn:

  • What a Touchstone Story is and how you can use it to drive sales.
  • Why the listening is the key to effective storytelling.
  • How to develop your own Touchstone Story.

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