Benaifer Bhadha, LMSW

Lead Trainer: Education and Non-profit

Benaifer Bhadha Lead Trainer Education and Non profit
“The other impact has been performing at a higher level. Instead of having to go in right away with no background about what to expect, people are far more prepared for that first meeting.”

For the last 10 years I have worked in the field of advocacy, performance and coaching, using storytelling to explore the healing and transformation that comes from narrating your own story. My work with marginalized groups in the United States, Australia, East and Southern Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe gives me a deep understanding of issues experienced by different cultures and ethnicities as they intersect with gender identity, race, religion, sexuality, and disability. I am also the co-director of “Two Women Talking” and “YKR”, two activism performances that explore gender oppression, identity and empowerment in the lives of womxn, gender non-binary and trans folks. In addition to my work experience, my own identity as a queer South Asian woman has influenced my life tremendously and is foundational to my desire to create inclusive and safe spaces for others.

My guiding principle as a therapist is deep listening without judgment, so that people can feel the freedom to express themselves, explore their experiences and create authentic connection. I believe that listening is an essential tool in healing and feeling valued. The therapeutic space I create is influenced by social work and narrative therapy models that center people as experts in their own lives and honor individual self-determination. Because everyone person is unique, my practice makes us co-creators and equal partners in creating the therapeutic space. Together, we will navigate and employ a variety of modalities, from storytelling to mindfulness practices and creative movement exercises, to build a place of safety and strength for you. 

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