4 Principles of Better Listening


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Better Listening = Better Selling

Listening is the starting point for effective group communication, also known to us as storytelling. A sensitivity to "listening" to your customers or prospective customers forms a critical part of building a foundation of understanding with them. In fact, the more listening and telling are in sync with each other, the more that foundation supports the messages, data, or vision you seek to communicate.

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Jerome Deroy, CEO and Lead Trainer

Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ

Jerome joined Narativ in 2007 after the founders, Murray Nossel and Paul Browde, handed him a shoebox full of notes and said, "We think there's a company in here." Jerome had recently left a position at BNP Paribas, Hong Kong, and come to New York to pursue a career in filmmaking. He jumped at the challenge--and transformed Narativ into the business it is today. Jerome has worked closely with clients as diverse as CIGNA, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Janssen Pharma, and Warby Parker to craft business-relevant personal stories for sales and onboarding, internal communication, and team building. He regularly lectures at Parsons New School of Design in New York City on The Art of Storytelling.

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