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Brave leadership includes vulnerability

Leaders can skillfully show vulnerability through storytelling Brave leadership, as well-documented in articles such as Margie Warrell’s, “Seven Hallmarks of Truly Courageous Leaders,” encompasses a broad array of situations in which risk-taking, self-trust, and forthrightness can be considered key attributes. Action-oriented bravery strengthens strategies and builds positive lore around a leader, one that fosters admiration …

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murray nossel listening

Four Principles of Better Listening — and Better Leadership

“Are you able to listen?” Before an important impromptu discussion, I will ask my co-workers this question. It’s not rhetorical. By asking it I acknowledge that what I’m about to say depends on their listening. When they respond with a simple acknowledgment, “yes, I can listen,” for example, it lets me know that they will …

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Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ

Narativ's CEO Jerome Deroy demonstrates how storytelling instills culture and values

naturally in the onboarding. process.

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