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 Personal storytelling transforms communication

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The personal story may be the most undervalued asset in business communication. It connects employees to their jobs, salespeople to their products, and teams to each other. Unusual, creative, and provocative, personal storytelling in business breathes fresh life into your company’s culture, mission, and identity.

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How we use storytelling

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Storytelling in sales has a proven track record and is pervasively utilized. But, where do sales stories go once they’ve been used? Does your organization have a storytelling culture that 1) shapes and influences great sales stories and 2) cycles successful stories back into the culture for training and archiving?

Storytelling is not business as usual. It asks us to take a deep-dive into our motivation, our best practices, our goals, and the history of our mission. It is also not an unruly creative act, but a discipline—in our case, a 7 step method—that lays a solid foundation upon which to build confidence, clarity, and creativity as well.


Train new hires with stories from their peers. An innovative story-based training solution.

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Sales and Customer-centricity

When salespeople tell personal stories, they share with customers the emotions and experiences at the core of your product or service.

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Leadership and Team Building

Storytelling brings teams together through the empathic power of listening and storytelling.

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Really enjoying the training session that Narativ is providing our team on Storytelling today. Probably one of the most interesting sales training I’ve seen in a very long time. Bravo!

Mindy Bruns

Vice President of Business & Partner Development, Ingo Money

Turn your employees into storytellers capable of transforming your organization!

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New York Habitat Case Study

New York Habitat Case Study

Businesses can use stories to get clients to better understand the company’s work, to connect employees to one another and to management, and to give a voice to those who don’t otherwise have one. — Entrepreneur Narativ's work with New York Habitat demonstrated that...

Sense-based storytelling

Sense-based storytelling

In a meeting where attention-spans may be short, you'll be looking for a story that quickly grabs your audience's attention, and leaves a strong impression. Ideally, your listeners would feel what you want them to feel (and be inspired to do what you want them to do!)...

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