Listening is a leadership tool

This Webinar was recorded on June 13, 2018 at 1PM Eastern Time.

Duration: 1 hour.


Listening is a leadership tool. Better said, it’s a mindset.

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In his new book, Powered by Storytelling: Excavate, Craft, and Present Stories to Transform Business Communication, Murray Nossel, Ph.D. articulates strategies for listening that should be standard tools in a leader’s toolbox. He argues that storytelling shouldn’t even begin until open listening has taken place. Through case studies, the book reveals how the practice of listening uncovers tensions, fears, and miscommunication within teams; lays a foundation for effective meetings; and creates bonds and trust between leadership and staff.
We are delighted to have Trace Cohen, CEO of 214 Agency, join us. She will bring in stories about the importance of listening in marketing and advertising with some of the world’s top brands.
Jerome Deroy, Narativ’s CEO, who has taught Narativ’s listening method for 10 years to Fortune 500 companies joins as well and will facilitate what will be a lively and revelatory dialog about the importance of listening in business communication.

Watch and download the Listening and Leadership Webinar below:

Discussion Question 1: What do you think is the benefit of listening and why? Why should we even pay attention as leaders of organizations and brand leaders?

Discussion Question 2: What does it mean to truly listen?

Key Points

To truly listen means you are able to set aside all of your own assumptions, preconceptions, and judgments and all that inner noise because that actually gets in the way of your ability to listen.  (22:39) Murray Nossel, Ph.D.

The first step towards listening is to be present with your body in a space and to have the self-awareness to be able to identify and name any obstacles to listening so that you can release them. (23:59) Murray Nossel, Ph.D.

If storytelling is the foundation of our narrative as a social species, then listening is as old as that. (35:34) Trace Cohen

Listening begins within. When it starts there, we actually end up having a ripple effect on our relationships with our customers and the way that you radiate out your message into the world. (28:44) Murray Nossel, Ph.D.

Delivering happiness comes from being great listeners (29:59) Trace Cohen

Setting my listening for a social environment includes the intention to have fun or to connect deeply; in a business environment, my intention is to add value or to solve this or that particular challenge. (52:39) Trace Cohen

Questions asked by viewers:

1. How do you keep your listening fresh and be present every time? (45:58)

2. Can you explain what you do specifically and ask of others before a meeting starts? (Clearing Listening Method) (49:18)

3. Does clearing obstacles have anything to do with putting your own ego aside? (57:07)

4. One major obstacle when listening for has always been not liking a person personally. So as a leader, how can you put aside your personal bias so you can be a good listener to everyone in your organization? (1:0:0:29)

Read the transcript from the webinar here, Listening-and-Leadership-Webinar-Transcript

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