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“If you think your enterprise doesn’t need great storytellers, this book will convince you that you’re wrong. With creativity and verve, Murray Nossel shows how to apply the power of narrative to marketing, manufacturing, management, and just about every corner of your business. If you want to become better a storyteller — and a better listener — POWERED BY STORYTELLING is the book for you.” — DANIEL PINK, author of DRIVE and TO SELL IS HUMAN

In Powered by Storytelling, Murray Nossel Ph.D. transmits his Listening and Storytelling method step by step in seven chapters. Accompanying his presentation are multiple stories of how his method has been applied in market segments as diverse as a luxury brand, a media giant, a tech startup, and a large pharmaceutical company.

Learn from a master

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Murray Nossel, Ph.D. will take you through his method as presented in Powered by Storytelling to excavate, craft and present your origin story in this live, online workshop.

The workshop consists of four 90 minute Modules
September 19, 26, October 3, 10 – 2018
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
Live instruction following the 7 steps in Powered by Storytelling.
Breakout groups. Feedback from Murray. Use of Narativ’s Storytelling Practice Platform.

15% discount when you purchase a book and bring it to the course.

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Praise for Powered by Storytelling

Praise for Powered by Storytelling
“Murray Nossel has forever changed my understanding of communication and deeply influenced my ability to communicate. His insights for the teller and the listener are simple yet profound.” — Katia Beauchamp, CEO Birchbox

“If you want to learn how to tell a great story, read this book. Murray Nossel, himself a psychologist and master storyteller whose own tales recall the best of David Sedaris, offers a unique method sure to work inside businesses and out.” — SUSAN ADAMS, Senior Editor, FORBES MAGAZINE

“Murray Nossel presents a thoughtful guide, teaching us how to discover and tell the personal stories hiding within each of us —and he artfully illustrates how this brilliant tool can have profound impact upon group dynamics in any setting. If you’re looking to spark “new talent” within your organization, this book generously reveals how you can be POWERED BY STORYTELLING.” — ROB SORCHER, Global Chief Content Officer, CARTOON NETWORK

“As we are all overwhelmed by messages and content on various platforms, what has not changed since our cavemen predecessors is the importance and power of a great and compelling story. Stories are *the* key differentiator and Murray Nossels’s listening and storytelling methods provide a straightforward yet ingenious way to create that differentiation. Murray’s method is the engine to foster the creativity and innovative thinking to tell a unique story. As such*, “Powered by Storytelling”* is an indispensable asset.” — Jonathan D Klein, Co-founder and Chairman, Getty Images

“We live in an age of white noise – a constant barrage of messaging, most of which is completely ignored The only thing that cuts through is effective storytelling. Murray Nossel’s, Narrative Method of Listening and Storytelling, is a powerful, science-based, empathetic and engaging process allowing anyone to excavate, craft and present a story to form a deep connection with the listener.” — Mark Randall, Associate Director and Assistant Professor, Strategic Design and Management, Parsons School of Design

“Murray Nossel’s storytelling method acts like a laser beam in the hands of teachers and coaches. Both firm and compassionate, its questions pierce through the fog of the typical narrative to reveal the storyteller’s felt sense of herself in the world, without resorting to psychologizing or self-judgment. Bring this method to your work and your students and clients will feel more in touch with themselves!” — Mike G. Katz, Founding Director & Lecturer, Interpersonal Development Program, U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business.