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Narativ: We Produce Stories

There’s lots of innovation at Narativ in 2017, and we’re building a new site to tell you all about it.

What we’ll be sharing with you is essentially this: Our Listening & Storytelling MethodTM has been tested and refined for over 20 years, with thousands of individuals and Fortune 500 companies in over 10 countries. We’ve gained insight into how storytelling helps businesses and non-profits raise funds, sell products, explain strategy, and facilitate on-boarding. In 2017, we’ve taken all that experience and bottled it into some brand new products.

Knowledge Story
Capture and share mission-critical knowledge throughout your organization. By combining the power and rich information of storytelling with the accessibility and intimacy of podcasting, we’ve found a vital and engaging way to capture and share mission-critical knowledge throughout a company’s workforce.

Fundraising Story
Narativ lead trainer and CEO, Jerome Deroy, takes program officers and entrepreneurs on a four-part course of story identification, crafting, and presentation. Amy Bach, founder of Measures for Justice, whose story raised over $2 million in capital, says, “Narativ transformed my pitches into winners!”

Team Story
Put your sales team in a room. Add listening and storytelling techniques. Shake and stir. What you get is a mix of actionable insight: stories about the pitches that work and don’t, about how strategy plays out on the ground, and an increased sense of collaboration.

Branded Podcasts Production
We partner with our colleagues at The Listening Booth to produce professional podcasts for brands. Reach new audiences: Turn your story into a powerful podcast.

Contact us to learn more about our new products—and our storytelling training workshops.

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