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Narativ: The Listening and Storytelling Company

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Animated presentation, rich information, complex ideas made simple and relatable with a dash of humor, irony and mystery—these are the characteristics of the powerful form of communication known as storytelling. Storytellers speak with authenticity and confidence. Audiences listen with renewed attention, form lasting impressions, and enjoy.  A relationship builds. Collaboration and buy-in increase. Pathways forward become clear.

Our Listening & Storytelling MethodTM has been tested and refined for over 20 years, with thousands of individuals and Fortune 500 companies in over 10 countries. With our method, any subject matter, from a technical presentation, a strategy brief or an onboarding session, can become a story, and any group an audience. Any company can build a rich culture of ideas and understanding. Our method affects positive and sustainable change in the areas of leadership, engagement, marketing and sales, advocacy and personal development. Contact us to hear our story.