Storytelling for Onboarding Webinar

Free webinar. March 5, 2018. 1 PM Eastern Time. Duration: 1 hour.



In our Storytelling for Onboarding webinar, Narativ’s CEO, Jerome Deroy, talks with special guest Caroline Sarnoff, Director of Outreach at Measures for Justice, about a story-based onboarding program that we created for this disruptive data-science company. The conversation will highlight the kinds of information the training unearthed, its implementation, and its impact on new hires, plus where MFJ plans to go in 2018 with story-based training. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions of both Jerome and Caroline. We look forward to enjoying this exciting dialogue with you.

“If I tell you ‘how to be’ in a situation, you’ll relate much less directly to that information than if I told you what I did.”  – Jerome Deroy


Story-based training for onboarding has the following distinctive features as it relates to the transfer of knowledge within an organization. Learn more on the webinar.

• a “way of doing things” gets broken down into steps that are repeatable and transferable to new hires, steps that even the knowledge holder may not have yet formulated themselves.

• the process is not about being great storytellers, but using the principles of storytelling to obtain knowledge from a knowledge-holder in a way others can easily understand.

• the modules indelibly capture the “state of knowledge” in a company at any given time and contribute to an organization’s cultural history and evolution.