Failing Forward

“We don’t have control. We can only have control of what we’re doing and how we’re reacting, and appreciating how the other people might be watching this situation and seeing how we can pivot and shift.”

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne reflect on the episode they did recently with C.M. Conway, a filmmaker who made a movie called “How to Successfully Fail in Hollywood”. Julienne tells Jerome about a time when she had to give a big keynote speech, but then, out of nowhere, she suddenly also had to facilitate a panel discussion, and then the panelists went rogue. They reflect on her experience and, more broadly, on what to do when things don’t go according to plan. They tie this to the importance of being able to listen, be present and approach the situation with a sense of humor, and not seeing the situation as a failure but as a moment to learn.

Listen to this episode for reflections on adapting to unexpected situations in the moment (without reacting), turning (perceived) failure into valuable lessons, and the importance of humor in all those situations. 


Listen to the episode with C.M. Conway here

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