Finding the Funny After Failure with C.M. Conway

“Once you get past the emotional reaction, what is this failure telling me? Is it telling me to stop? Is it telling me to persevere? Is it not the right time, or do I need to dig a little deeper, and do I maybe need to find another way? Do I need to find another day?”

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne talk with C.M. Conway, a filmmaker, marketing, and storytelling consultant and coach. Her diverse, inspiring film “How to Successfully Fail in Hollywood” became the little indie that could and is now available in a top streaming giant. She has been featured in numerous media outlets and is dedicated to uplifting the stories of minorities while unearthing unique stories of women, marginalized cultures and communities. 

They talk about what led her to make her movie about failure in Hollywood, how she found the lens of humor to repurpose failure, and what failure can teach us if we’re willing to face it. C.M. teaches us the process of turning failure into something extraordinary- from feeling the feelings to taking the first small step and setting goals to turn (new) dreams into reality. 

Make sure not to miss this episode, as you’ll walk away inspired and with a process to start working through failure and realize your dreams! 


View the heartfelt “How to Successfully Fail in Hollywood” film and contact C.M. Conway for a storytelling, film or marketing consultation here: https://FunnyFailureFilm.com
View film’s trailer: https://youtu.be/HwzEuxuh6i8
View film’s music video “My Best Friend”: https://youtu.be/kJHUOqufykw
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