2022 Year In Review

Jerome and Julienne discuss lessons learned from the 5 most popular episodes of 2022, which are all linked below in the show notes.
From Zev Shalev and his story of witnessing the release of Nelson Mandela in South Africa as a young student in his uniform to Julienne and Jerome’s episode on intentions versus resolutions, you will get practical insights while hearing leadership stories that you can implement in your own life.
You’ll hear about our take from the episodes on psychological safety with Sona Sherratt, the benefits of community based approaches to problems both in society at large and in corporations with Cormac Russell, and how dialogue creates understanding and melts barriers to communication.
Enjoy our last episode of 2022! Happy New Year!

Links to our 5 most popular episodes:
Zev Shalev – Seeking the truth in storytelling
Psychological Safety with Sona Sherratt
The connect community with Cormac Russell
New Year Intentions vs New Year Resolutions

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