Zev Shalev – Seeking The Truth in Storytelling

In this episode, Julienne and Jerome talk to Zev Shalev, CEO of Narativ Studios and Cool Wolf Inc.

Yes, you read that right, Narativ spelled the same way we do. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to find out what another Narativ is doing out there in the world.

And what a treat to speak to Zev, a former CBS News Executive, and journalist who hails from South Africa. He is the winner of the Murrow Award and has been nominated for three Emmy Awards and 5 Canadian Screen Awards.

Zev shared with us the moment that he knew he would be a journalist, and what a story that is: Picture a 16 year old in his school uniform, getting lifted up in the air by some strangers who helped him get a seat to see Mandela speak after he was freed from jail, just as apartheid was ending in South Africa.

We explored with Zev what seeking the truth in storytelling means, and how to do it efficiently.

This is a MUST LISTEN if you want to know more about journalistic storytelling and how that ties into empathy, understanding, building bridges, and yes, we dare to say it, creating a better world.

To learn more about Zev, go to:

Narativ TV on youtube: youtube.com/channel/UC3NmKvE4agxFmOiy35dGBJg

Narativ TV live on Twitter: twitter.com/NarativTv?



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