Obstacle of the Week #4

At Narativ we do something called CLEARING OUR LISTENING. This is a technique that we use to recognise things in our lives that are obstacles to our listening. We recognise the obstacle – it could be construction noise, a looming deadline or

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Craig Kostelic’s Story

A Leader Choose Vulnerability in a Moment of Change In Powered by Storytelling, Murray Nossel, Ph.D., documents over a series of chapters the story he developed with Craig Kostelic, Chief Business Officer, US Advertising Revenue and Head of Global Advertising Solutions at Condé

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two employees telling stories near a watercooler

How can we replace the watercooler?

Narativ’s CEO, Jerome Deroy, spent time around the watercooler at his first job, years ago now in Hong Kong. To this day he remembers the conversations that shaped his understanding of the company as well as the camaraderie that developed from these

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