by Sasha Dorje Meyerowitz | March 23, 2020

Why Story? Why Now?

Three Steps to Take Before You Start Using Storytelling Techniques

The thing about storytelling techniques is, they are like the framing materials for a house. First, you need a plan. Then you can make good use of them. Begin the plan for your story by asking and answering the question, Why story? Why now?

The first step of storytelling: Why story?

Ask yourself, will a story be the best way to communicate your message? Is it the details, the story arc, the emotions, a powerful ending, or the ability to connect strongly to your audience that attracts you? Which are you better at and which need work. What do you already have material for, for example, a great first line, and what parts do you still need to excavate and craft? While stories are a traditional go-to when you’re looking for impact, to do them at a professional level takes some precision, elegance, and grit. Clarity on these matters brings the power of storytelling fully on board.

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Storytelling for Employee Onboarding

Your employee onboarding process can make or break the relationship new hires form with your company. Induction is a critical juncture during which creating a warm welcome into your company’s culture is as important as orientation and compliance. Don’t miss the opportunity to build culture from day one.

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