Best Practices for Storytelling for Advocacy


Air date: November 14, 2018. 12:30 PM. 1 hr. With special guest, Brett Davidson, Director, Media and Narratives, OSF.

To develop stories for use in achieving development outcomes is a multi-dimensional process, one that extends far past the traditional advocacy story that pulls on our heartstrings. Rather, it involves making strategic decisions from the outset—who is the right storyteller for the right audience and what is the right type of story—and it necessarily embraces concerns about how to protect the storyteller, who owns the story, and the importance of ethnographic research to discover the stories that are not being told, but that could make the greatest impact.

Join Brett Davidson, Director, Media and Narratives, Public Health Program at Open Society Foundations and Murray Nossel, Ph.D., director, and co-founder of Narativ and author of Powered by Storytelling (2018). Hosted by Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ, this cohort brings a combined 55 years of experience in advocacy and storytelling. They will shine a light on core issues and practical experience for bringing together often disparate voices under one umbrella to achieve development goals, often against great social and political odds.

• How to connect personal stories to broader policy or social change goals
• Various roles of stories in the advocacy process.
• The limits and pitfalls of storytelling for advocacy.
• Choosing the right messenger.
• Surfacing untold (and unheard) stories.

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