The Opportunity Network Fellows Program helps underserved public school students realized their untapped potential by offering college and career guidance as well as lifelong networks of support. Narativ Trainers Jerome Deroy and Benaifer Bhadha were invited to coach these talented and motivated high school students how to write a powerful and personal college entrance essay. Through Narativ’s method of listening and storytelling, students learned how to delve into their wealth of experience to excavate and develop a story for their college essay.
Benaifer reports:

“The students took to the method so fiercely. When we read through a mock essay we asked the students to yell out STOP if something was not in the method and they were not only excellent and recognizing moments that were not in the method, but they were also able to creatively think of ways to transform mundane details to active sensory details. They are a brilliant group of students!”
benaifer benaifer listening benaifer listening jerome in action jerome and student young woman practicing students practicingjerome listening


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