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Two Women and Their Stories

Two Women Talking at Clark University  The Higgins Lounge at Dana Commons was full beyond capacity when I wormed my way through the crowd with barely five minutes to spare (I’m a college student, cut me some slack). As luck would have it, a few of the seats out in the front row, reserved for those […]

Transfer Students at CUNY

I’ve been working with CUNY transfer students since Spring, 2005 at Kingsborough Community College, Baruch College, and now at John Jay.  Over this time at these different schools, I noticed that the students I was working with often told me striking stories.  Students coming from different countries, working 40 hours a week to pay for […]

Just Tell It How It Happened –End of Story

Mag Connolly, Head of Corporate Affairs for the Faculty of Public Health in the United Kingdom, invited Narativ to give an experiential workshop on storytelling at their annual conference.  More than 40 people signed up, but at 1pm the corridor outside the room was quiet. At 1.01pm a bearded man came in and said: “We can […]

Welcome to the Narativ Space

Dear Reader, Welcome to a space called Narativ, Whether you were looking for us or landed here by chance, rest assured that you have arrived at a destination, which can transform the way you communicate. Please let me tell you the story of our space: On January 1st, 2000, my boyhood friend Paul Browde and I […]


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