Well-Being In The Workplace

How are you spending your time? Are you intentional about it and do you take your wellness into account, or do you put in time just for the sake of it? And if you do want to be intentional about it, how can you use the connection between your body and mind to find out how to improve your productivity and well-being?

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne discuss well-being in the workplace and how this relates to how we spend our time. They talk about a study that showed how a 4-day workweek might improve productivity and wellness, and Jerome talks about how his transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship changed his perspective on the value of (over)time and the value of mental and physical wellness.

It takes self-awareness to understand what you need, both to be productive and to be healthy. This episode provides inspiration on how to gain this awareness and highlights the practice of body mapping as a tool to become more aware of the signals our bodies give us. These signals, in turn, can help inform how we spend our time and how (or whether) we take our own well-being into account.

For more on the 4-day work week experiment highlighted in the episode

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