We need to talk about the benefits cliff with Karen Schoellkopf

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne talk with Karen Schoellkopf, founder and CEO of Leap Fund.

We look at Karen’s journey from MFA to tech to entrepreneur. Karen tells us about something that was obscure to us and, apparently, even members of Congress: The benefits cliff. This is when workers across the country turn down income that they have earned at their jobs, out of fear of losing public benefits worth much more than a raise. Leap Fund creates products that empower optimism, financial and career growth, future planning, and security for the working families that need it most.

But how did Karen get here after a MFA in photography?

Listen to her story.

Topics we discuss:

– Karen’s journey to entrepreneurship and lending her skills to illuminate an issue that affects millions of people in the shadow of the #greatresignation moment we find ourselves in.

– The value of storytelling and Karen’s aha moment

– How photography and Karen’s training helped her in her career

– Advice for people looking to change careers

– Ways to help employers and employees face the benefits cliff and find resources

To learn more, go to https://www.benefitscliff.com/

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