The Power of Saying No

Are you someone who prefers to say yes, or are you someone who likes to say no? And can you think of experiences where using the answer you usually default to might not have been productive or effective?

In this podcast, Jerome and Julienne talk about the power of saying no, the importance of listening to your internal dialogue, and the courage to follow through with whatever comes up, even when it might be uncomfortable. Jerome tells Julienne a personal story of a complicated and empowering situation in which he said no, using and showcasing the power of the Narativ storytelling method. He also tells the story of a former client who worked as an executive while also setting up his own business. His client soon realized that he would have to say no to something, and although it took him a while to figure out what his most powerful emotions were, he eventually did it.

Listen to this episode to learn more about the emotions underlying our responses, the dialogues and habits that inform decisions, and what you can do to make better choices.


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