The Power of Mentorship with Garrett Richardson

Garrett Richardson has had a sense of purpose ever since he did a summer internship at the Freedom School, mentoring young people in Newark to instil them a passion and enthusiasm for literacy.
Today, Garrett has leveraged all of his professional experiences to scale up mentorship as part of his work with Bloomberg Philanthropies in the city of London in particular.
In our interview with Garrett, we discuss his experiences and how mentoring became the through line in a career that has had many ups and downs including having to navigate being unemployed during the 2008 great recession.
Garrett never lost faith and always kept moving forward.
You’ll hear how his values and purpose never wavered in the face of adversity, and how community has always been at the heart of his work and indeed his life, from a very young age.
His story of working on the Obama campaign of 2012 in Ohio, is a must-listen, as are all the other stories he graciously shared with us to convey his messages around leadership and the power of mentorship and giving back.

Links and resources:
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Bryan Stevenson’s TED Talks: We need to talk about an injustice and The fight for civil rights and freedom featuring John Lewis
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For more on the Mentoring Improvement Plan of the City of London website

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