The Greatest Song with Kevin Griffin

The music business is notoriously fickle, but some people, such as Kevin Griffin, manage to stay for a long time. What did he do that many of his peers didn’t? How did he manage to stay inspired and nimble?

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne talk with ​​Kevin Griffin, an award-winning songwriter, producer, and performer whose songs have sold over 80 million copies and have been streamed over a billion times and the author of “The Greatest Song”. He walks them through his journey from writing his own hit songs to writing for others and, most recently, becoming a speaker and author in the business world. Along the way, he realized that there were certain principles and ways to conduct himself when collaborating, that he applied not only in his career in music, but also in business and in life. The most important principle? Collaboration. But also how to work with people, how to check your ego, how to continue growing, how to listen, how to not micromanage, how to leave your comfort zone, how to dare to be stupid, and how to bring personal stories to the workplace.

Listen to this fascinating episode about how the truths in collaborating with people in music and staying inspired are the same in completely non-musical endeavors in business, and pick up some of those truths along the way.


Buy Kevin Griffin’s book “The Greatest Song” here

Listen to the five songs from the book here

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