Storytelling in Healthcare

Julienne and Jerome discuss healthcare and how storytelling can improve dialogue between patients and doctors.
What they uncover in this episode is the importance of listening and how to improve it so that people who are often in a power deferential, or feel intimated by the medical field, can feel like they have a voice.
You’ll hear about a recent client that Jerome worked with to support them in generating stories that would raise awareness, and change how community health centers are perceived by legislators but also by the people in the communities they serve.
You’ll hear how values drive the stories that one can create and you’ll hear the moving story of a gentleman who might have lost his leg if he had not found a doctor who finally took the time to listen.
You’ll learn how you can use the lessons from this case to build a pitch, presentation or communication campaign, driven by values that are embodied in powerful and compelling human stories, no matter your field of expertise or industry.

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