Socratic Dialogue with Sira Abenoza

In this episode Jerome and Julienne talk with Sira Abenoza, a professor at ESADE business and law schools in Barcelona, Spain.
She created the Institute for Socratic Dialogue to create conversations between people who sometimes have diametrically opposing points of view.

We discussed Sira’s experience working with inmates, as well as with factions from both sides of the conflict in Northern Ireland. The methods of Socratic Dialogue managed to create connection where there seemingly was none at all.

Sira believes that every person deserves to be heard, no matter their politics or beliefs. In this increasingly polarized world, where opinions generate conflict, the methods she employs bridge divides and bring to the surface the stories that unite us all.

Listeners will hear practical examples as well as tools they can use themselves to create spaces in which they can bring people together in their work place, simply by listening and encouraging dialogue.

WATCH Sira’s TEDx Talk here

For more on the Institute for Socratic Dialogue, go to: https://www.institutesocratic.com/

To watch a trailer for a documentary about Sira’s work in prisons, go to: https://vimeo.com/248890676

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