Scientific Problem Solving with Gianna Biscontini

Julienne and Jerome speak to Gianna Biscontini, a board certified behavior analyst, bestselling author, and founder of W3RKWELL, a company that is dedicated to creating assessments that businesses can use to improve employee well being.

Working in the clinical world, Gianna’s environment was no longer supporting her growth, and she started to teach neuroscience based meditation.
From there, she came across research that showed how poor health was often a result of one’s work environment.
That’s when she created W3RKWELL to help better match the work environment with what employees want and need.

We discussed her journey in this space, and what companies can do to create environments that meet employees where they are and evolve with them, as opposed to copying what other organizations do to improve employee well being.

Gianna creates solutions that are scientifically based, and you will learn how you may be able to adjust your own work environment to begin to see improvements in your employees’ well being and mental health.

Resources we discussed in the podcast:

Gianna’s book
Gianna’s personal web site
UC Irvine’s Gloria Mark’s research
Cal Newport’s book “Deep work: Rules for focused success in a distracted world”

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