REPLAY ~ Making The Workplace Work Better for Working People with Matt Bahl

This is a replay of a Leadership Story Talks podcast that originally posted on December 8th 2021.

Jerome and Julienne talk with Matt Bahl – VP and head of workplace financial health, Financial Health Network.

In this episode of Story Talks we discover:

  • How do we make people’s lives better by improving their financial resilience?
  • That salaries are not determinative of financial health.
  • How can we make workplace work better for working people?
  • Matt talks about how the catalytic moment for him was when he told the story of his father at a summit on financial wellness and how that story led him to a positive career move and how it’s been influencing the audiences he talks to.
  • The generational differences with regards to finance and work are vast.
  • Filling the gap between the values companies state and the actions they take: The void is vast and Matt’s work is to better align those, and deliver solutions to the real problems workers face.
  • The difference between moral injury and burnout, and how new generations are feeling this in the workplace right now.
  • Employers need to do a lot more than just helping employees to save for retirement, like paying down debt and solving credit issues.
  • The three best practices that companies can implement right now to improve their employees’ financial health in their work place.
  • Data without storytelling is as useless as storytelling is without data. You must humanize the data for it to be effective, and the story is how you engage people because it has a human component that the data lacks.
  • We need stories of every day average working people in order to get messages through and affect change: How do we make the unremarkable feel remarkable?
  • Learn about Matt’s favorite inspirational stories and how he uses them for impact.
  • Our best practices and take away’s from our conversation.

Financial health network: finhealthnetwork.org – building an ecosystem for making financial health a reality for everyone.

Lila’s cupcakes : https://finhealthnetwork.org/team/lila-owens

Narativ: narativ.com to learn more about storytelling in business

Financial support sites we discussed on this episode:
Novacredit: https://www.novacredit.com/ – focused on helping immigrants build credit

Esusu – https://esusurent.com/ – helping people build financial opportunities

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