REPLAY ~ Leadership Story Talks | Our Origin Story

This is a replay of a Leadership Story Talks podcast that originally posted on October 25th 2022.

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne reflect back on their meeting.
Julienne had reached out to Jerome and members of the Narativ team, that led to a meeting in person (pre-pandemic).
During that first meeting, Julienne noticed that the Narativ team members were walking their talk, meaning they were listening and giving space to Julienne to speak.
A dialogue ensued that mirrored the process that Julienne had seen glimpses of on the Narativ web site, materials and a phone call she’d had with members of the team before that first meeting in person.
How do you create a space for listening when interviewing candidates or even new clients? What about onboarding? What impression are you giving? Are you walking the talk? What do your surroundings look like? Are they inviting? Are they conducive to productive creativity?
What tone are you setting?
These are all the questions we answer and that listeners can learn practical tips from in the first half of the episode.
The second half of the episode focuses on Jerome’s story and how he came to be the CEO of Narativ, and what had led to a drastic change in his career.
For those of you who are at a crossroads and looking for the next step in your careers, there’s more to be learned from that part of the episode.

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