REPLAY ~ Leadership Story Talks | Leaders Listen

This is a replay of a Leadership Story Talks podcast that originally posted on April 24th 2023.

For this podcast series, Jerome and Julienne have been talking to many people about leadership. In this episode, they look back at the conversations they’ve had, talk about the things many of these leaders had in common, and share what they have learned so far.

They talk about being anchored in your values, the ability to delegate but also go deep on something when needed, and the importance of collaboration and diversity of thought. The idea of collaboration leads them to the idea that it is essential to recognize when you need to reach out for help and have the courage to go out and do that.

They conclude that the number one thing leaders, and people in general, can do now is listen. You can’t have a story without listening, and you don’t know what people value and need if you don’t listen.

This episode will give you a quick overview of the leadership skills that are essential to navigate the world as it is today.

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