Quiet Listening with Jerome Deroy and Julienne B Ryan

In this episode, we look back to what we were talking about exactly a year ago, when we started the podcast. From a post pandemic return to the office, to the Great Resignation, and now Quiet Quitting in the last few months, we’ve seen a lot of changes.

But have things really changed that much in terms of our behaviors and interpersonal communications? Were the problems that led to issues with working remotely, people resigning en masse, come out of nowhere?

Our answer is NO!

Human behaviors that we need to pay attention to and address are at the root of everything and always have been.

It’s time for some “quiet listening” as coined by Julienne in this episode. Listen in and learn what you can do at this moment to do more listening, and less talking, and find out the impact it will have on the teams you lead and those around you.

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