Pay Attention to The Tension

In this episode, we explore the line between comfort and discomfort. Tension and ease. 

When do we need to stretch ourselves and put ourselves in a “dis-comfort zone” in order to grow? 

Julienne shares a recent experience of noticing the tension that she was feeling. Rather than trying to hide it away, she decided to explore its cause, and figure out the message this tension was giving her. This led her to be more present for the people she was working with. 

We discuss the practice of identifying and releasing obstacles to listening that keep us from being fully present to ourselves and others. This is particularly helpful when you’re leading a group or team. Everyone is watching how you will respond to objections, and challenges from the group so you want to make sure your mind is as clear as possible so that you can be present and engage fully. 

We talk about the value of restraint in conversation, in order to create an atmosphere of trust, where people will be more likely to share something more meaningful. 

Jerome tells a story about having to let the former CEO of a major tech company know that his actions were an obstacle to listening while facilitating a team retreat. This led to a breakthrough within the team, and a lesson in leadership and engagement. All because Jerome noticed an area of tension and decided to examine it rather than wait for it to pass. 

This episode is for everyone who’s ever had to be in a position of leadership where people are watching what your moves are and how you respond to specific situations. You will hear insights and practical tools that will engage you and the groups you lead in a new way. 


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