Onboarding with Personal Stories

Jerome recently was invited as an expert speaker to appear on a panel along with two other experts to discuss onboarding. The central question posed: How do we make onboarding more impactful and more engaging?
Julienne observed the panel as a participant and in this episode, we looked at the main take aways and elaborated on why and how personal stories transformed the onboarding process for the companies that Narativ worked with.
Is your onboarding process bogged down by compliance, administrative and technical content that have sucked the enthusiasm out of your new hires in their first few weeks?
How can you inject the experience with engagement strategies that are welcoming and allow for space to listen to new hires so they feel like their voice matters from day 1?
You will learn how listening and storytelling can transform your onboarding process into a key component of the employee experience.
Tune in to find out what you can do to engage your employees from day 1.

To learn more about Narativ’s onboarding system: narativ.com/services/storytelling-for-employee-onboarding/

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