Listen Courageously with Juliana Tafur

“All it takes is one person’s recognition of the other person’s suffering, humanity and value for the other person to go ‘you see me, you truly see me, you get me’, and then the magic happens. People want to be seen and heard.”

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne talk with Juliana Tafur, an Emmy-nominated TV producer and the Listen Courageously movement and workshop series creator. Juliana’s mission is to counteract “other-ing” by fostering understanding and connection among diverse individuals, which she does by organizing workshops designed to create a safe and open space for participants to share their stories and listen to others without judgment. The ultimate goal is to foster empathy, respect, and the willingness to engage in dialogue, creating a foundation for meaningful relationships and positive social and political change.

Juliana talks about her family’s move from Colombia to the US, her journey from a TV producer to the founder of Listen Courageously, and how her film ‘Listen’, which was born after the US elections in 2016, serves as a catalyst to help people recognize their listening blocks and engage in difficult conversations. She tells Jerome and Julienne about what happens in these conversations and how the willingness to show vulnerability and go to an uncomfortable place, especially when part of a privileged group, allows people to find common experiences and true connection. Even when they fundamentally disagree about topics like abortion and gun control.

Don’t miss this incredible story of empathy, respect, and the transformative power of listening and let this episode inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and connect across differences.


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