Lessons from start up CEO Penny Schiffer

Why are Venture Capitalists not using tech to help them do their work?  That’s where Raized.ai, the company that Penny Schiffer created, comes in.

Penny talks about the origin of her venture and why she went from being a Venture Capitalist to being a CEO of a start up.

She also tells us about what happened after her aha! moment.

We discuss the process by which Penny uses data and AI to help make better decisions and expand the sources and funnels that VCs use to find the next big venture.

We also look at the power of data, AI, and tech and how to communicate effectively about subjects that can often be very technical and dry.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • The journey of an idea goes through a honeymoon phase that’s creative and expansive, before limitations and obstacles make the idea a reality.
  • How Penny attracts investors and collaborators to her venture. What venture capitalists look at when they make decisions about investments: There are big differences between European and American mindsets.
  • Pitching a company is more than the elevator pitch: You must know what you’ll be saying AFTER the pitch – Don’t just train for the big Hollywood moment!
  • Big knowledge happens in smaller conversations.
  • What’s the place of storytelling in a company that’s all about data and tech?
  • Penny reminds us that stories can help us remember certain moments that authorize us to our audience. These stories tell our audience why we should trust you as the leader of a new venture.
  • Your story of your company will change according to your audience, so think about the different perspectives that your customers and investors have in order to find the right story.


raized.ai : Learn more about the start up that Penny Schiffer started and is actively developing.

narativ.com: Find our latest blog posts, and resources for implementing storytelling practices in your business

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