Learning to Be Authentic with Ehsan Fahmi

“There are all these different types of people that I’ve coached: men, women, executives, graduates, it doesn’t matter. They all have the same challenge, and that challenge is how do I just be more myself in my job? It’s literally this, and it all stems from the same cause, but it translates in different stories.”

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne talk with Ehsan Fahmi, Client Success Director and the Talent Enterprise. She is an expert in talent management, talent assessment, and customer success and is passionate about creating spaces where people can simply be. For Ehsan, impact stems from being a little bit more yourself everyday, as it’s not the titles that matter but the people behind the titles. 

She tells Jerome and Julienne about how The Bold and the Beautiful drew her to the field of psychology when she was very young and how a layoff followed by a new job in a toxic work environment pushed her to set PR aside and pursue the career in psychology that she initially dreamed of. They discuss the importance of kindness, self-awareness, and positive assumptions in the boardroom and beyond. They discuss how titles get in the way of listening and people being authentic, two key ingredients for people to feel good and positively contribute to company culture. 

Listen to this episode to learn more about how learning to become more authentic can drastically improve impact.


Learn more about Ehsan Fahmi here 

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