Leadership Story Talks | Season Two

Welcome to a new season of Leadership Story Talks! 

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne kick off the new season and introduce the theme for this month: culture. How does an organizational culture shift in the face of the increasingly uncertain world that we’re in? What are the values that drive an organization, and individual people, and what happens to them in the face of change?

Jerome and Jules have a classic back-to-school conversation as they look back at what they did during the summer and look ahead to all the learning that’s to come. They talk about the culture work they did with clients over the last few months and take a sneak peek at the episodes ahead.

Stay tuned for the next episodes, which will focus on DEI through unique lenses: looking at measurements and how data can drive a storyline and support it, and looking at the language in a language and how it informs our listening.

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