Heather Walker, PhD – Levity At Work

In this episode, we welcome Heather Walker, PhD, who has made a career of promoting, and implementing levity at work, through a variety of means.

Dr. Walker founded Lead with Levity to promote healthy workplaces through survey insights, workshops, and a healthy dose of wisdom from guests on the Lead with Levity Podcast. Her goal is to help people have fun, and get more done.

And in this episode, we sure had a lot of fun, especially when our guest shared with us a visual exercise that she had just created for a group of people she’d worked with.
You’ll get to experience that as you listen.

You’ll also hear how you can begin to find levity in everything that you do and what that will do for your leadership, team, and life in general.
We discussed the theory behind levity as a leadership asset, from being defined as a light, amusing, uplifting moment, to the Latin roots of the word, which is all about “rising above the pressure of the moment.”

Levity doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be funny all the time, but rather it’s a way of being that allows you to uplift tense situations, and there are very practical ways in which you can begin to inject a healthy dose of levity in everything you do.

Get ready to learn as you listen, and we hope you enjoy as much as we did!

For more on Heather Walker PhD and the Lead with Levity programs she leads, check out these resources:

Linkedin: leadwithconfidence

Linkedin: company/leadwithlevity


Email: info@leadwithlevity.com

Instagram: instagram.com/leadwithlevity

Facebook: facebook.com/leadwithlevity

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