How to share key knowledge for recruitment and retention

In this episode, Jules and Jerome take a deeper dive into something that they scratched the surface of in episode 1. That thing is knowledge transfer. How do you do it? Why do you need to? Inspiring presentations are not the only outcome of storytelling. Effectively transferring knowledge within your organization is the lesser known, but perhaps more powerful use of storytelling in business. Listen to this episode to learn how you can put in place practices today that will make your systems more efficient and have the potential to turn the tide on issues of engagement, retention, recruitment, onboarding, productivity and job performance.narativ.com jryanpartners.com”3 types of stories to boost talent acquisition and retention”: narativ.com/2021/09/20/boost-talent-acquisition-retention-with-storytelling

Highlights of this episode:

  • How to capture knowledge before it’s lost- How to tell stories that share critical information so people can learn from them.
  • Strategies for creating and sharing knowledge through stories- Identifying the audiences for whom knowledge transfer is particularly critical
  • Types of stories you can tell (it’s not all about success stories!)
  • Knowledge transfer starts when you’re recruiting. Talking about job descriptions in story form will avoid casting errors and set up reasonable expectations at the outset.
  • Complete your talent wish lists with stories that bring them to life, so people can remember those and really get what the job is about.
  • How to incentivize people to share their knowledge through stories
  • Make storytelling part of your regime, just like you keep track of your tasks on a daily basis.
  • Identify the “scribes” in your business, and assign listening roles, not just storytellers, so that you extract lessons that can be shared with others.
  • The 5 questions that always reap actionable responses – Be nosey and listen for nuances!
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