How to Access Authenticity with Hava Horowitz

“I’m thinking of authenticity on a moment-to-moment basis, in a threefold way: one, can I locate what feels true for me in this moment? This is that self-inventory piece. Two: Can I express what feels true for me in this moment? That’s the communication piece. And, three, can I read the needs of the moment? Can I read my audience? Can I read my environment and adapt to that? Because your authenticity changes in response to your environment.”

In this episode, Jerome and Julienne talk to Hava Horowitz, a transformational coach and facilitator who helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and individuals develop an authentic presence from the inside out. She combines communication best practices, acting techniques, and personal growth in her work as she delivers programs on storytelling, presence, conflict management, and authentic relationships for global leaders and teams.

They discussed their various definitions of authenticity and the access points you have at your disposal to experiment with finding your edge. There’s a lot of talk of bringing one’s whole self to work, but what does that mean exactly? They arrive at an understanding that self-awareness is key to figuring out what to bring at what moment and for whom.

Jerome shares his story of being a DJ by night and a banker by day when he came out of business school and worked in Hong Kong for 5 years, and what was detrimental about not sharing the multitudes that he contains. Hava shares her stories of supporting clients in finding their edge, through an example that evokes the mind-body connection.

Finally, Hava shared an experience that shaped who she is today, by relating a story about her father who used his profession as a dentist to regale his clients with comedy (he was a part-time comedian…)

All in all, a great way to start the year with inspiration, mindfulness and practical tips to make 2024 the YOU year!

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