Financial Health Expert George Grombacher

In this Story Talks episode Jerome and Julienne talk with George Grombacher who has worked in personal finance for 20 years and has been named a top 100 financial advisor in the US by Investopedia for the past three years. He’s working hard to encourage, empower, and entertain others with critical and compelling information to help them create more financial success and live as they wish to.

George hosts LIFE BLOOD a podcast that shares information and advice on personal wealth management.


  • George breaks down how he sees financial health and financial wellness with a holistic approach and a set of questions he answers: How does one get better at money? What’s the approach? How do you keep people motivated to get better?
  • George’s journey from college to selling life insurance to where he is now, looking at his job as contributing to people’s happiness by helping them be better at money.
  • When we discuss money, we have to talk about so many other parts of our lives (family, childhood, relationships, etc)
  • The value of storytelling when talking about money and addressing money issues: It’s all about delivering the message and be able to present complex information in a distilled, visual and relatable way.
  • Part of George’s job is helping people to create their origin story in order to identify how best to help them.
  • George describes a pivotal moment with a group that helped inform what he does today. His story has to do with creating a comfort level by admitting his own fallibility when it comes to money. He had an “aha” moment that changed his perspective.

Resources and ways to learn more:
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